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Circa 50 by Monaluna for Birch Fabrics, Update in order…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Circa 50 by Monaluna for Birch Fabrics 100% Organic. And I’m sorry about that. We had some major delays and the fabric is only just now shipping to me. Which means that it will still not be here for another 6 weeks. I was so disappointed at first, but I had to face the facts that these things happen and it’s all part of this business. Of course I know this from the retail perspective, but it’s from that perspective that caused the disappointment, because it’s the customers that I feel badly for about having to wait.

The good news is that, I’ve just sent artwork off on 2 new collections! Marine by Dan Stiles and California Mod by Monaluna. They will be available in the fall and winter.

I can’t post the designs yet, but I will soon.

Our store front will be moving next weekend and that has been keeping is us very busy!

We will post more soon. Just wanted to give you this little update for now.

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