Eiko by Jay-Cyn Designs

Her’es a sneak peek at our newest collection. Inspired by my late
Grandmother, Eiko Kaminaka, comes our Modern take on Japanese flora and
fauna “Eiko”. While Eiko found herself in the US after the Korean War,
she never lost her love for Japan, she and my Grandfather, Joe married
after they met at Poppy’s my Grandmother’s Restaurant, they had a Koi Pond and grew a
Japanese garden in their backyard in Santa Maria, Ca where I was
raised. My Obaasan (Japanese
for Grandma) inspired my love for Japanese artwork, by surrounding me
with imagery and photographs of her life in Japan. We introduce Eiko
with a great love and respect for her and her pioneer spirit! We miss
you dearly, Obaasan. -Jason

Collection pics coming soon

Eiko by Jay-Cyn Designs available Summer 2013!

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