Solid Poplin Swatch Pack

Product Information

Width: 5" x 5"

Fiber Content: 100% Organic Cotton

Fabric is sold by the bolt. Please log in to order. To set up an account, visit our Wholesale Page. To order by the yard, check out our Stockist Page for a shop near you. 

Email your Swatch Pack Requests. Swatch pack includes 5″x5″ cuts of each of our ModBasics Solid Poplins. You will receive 30 swatches total: Blush – New, Pink, Petal, Lavender – New, Mahogany, Ruby – New, Coral, Havana, Orange, Peachy, Shell, Meadow – New, Gold – New, Marigold, Grass, Moss, Mint, Pond, Pool, Dusk, Teal, Mineral, Periwinkle, White, Cream, Black, Slate, Shroom, Dark Shroom, Timber Shipping will be added (DOES NOT INCLUDE NEW COLORS BRICK, QUINCE, GLACIER, HEATHER, DARK PLUM)

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