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About Birch Fabrics

How It All Started

Birch Organic Fabrics was created in an effort to provide an environmentally friendly cotton alternative to the quilting and crafting community. We at Birch Fabrics believe that the sustainability of our planet begins with consciousness, and can be successful with real action. That’s why our fabric is produced from 100% organic cotton and printed with low impact dye.  Birch Fabrics is devoted to the highest quality of organic cotton fabrics in the marketplace, with a strong yet whimsical design perspective.

To be considered 100% organic, our cotton has to meet a very strict approval process.   The certifier has approved every step in the process from cotton to the finished goods. The process begins from the time the cotton is grown, to how the cotton is transported to the mill, how it is milled, how it is bleached using oxygen based bleach (non chlorine), how the cotton is printed using *Low Impact Dyes, and must also meet a standard of fair working conditions set by the International Labour Organization (ILO). At the end of the process a certificate is provided to ensure that all of these standards have been met and approved.

*Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants, require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate. High absorption rates and a decreased use of rinse water create less wastewater and runoff.

Please contact us should you have any other questions regarding our organic fabrics.

Our Process

Our favorite part of this whole journey is getting to bring you art that we love on fabric, for you to hold it in your hands and create with it. We have learned so much along the way to fine tune our process as to what works best for us, and here we will break down our fabric production process: 

For print collections, we will release art 2 months before moving fabric into production. During that 2 months, we will collect pre orders from stockists, which in that window will be when you can be guaranteed we will produce enough yardage in our limited runs to fulfill your order. After that 2 month window, your order will be subject to availability. We will produce prints via traditional silk screen or digitally printed goods. 

Solid substrates will be released and available for presale with a similar timeline, but due to the volume required to produce solids, some colors are subject to cancellation. You will be notified if a color you have on order has been cancelled.

Delivery of the collection will be 6 months from the artwork release date. We will then begin processing all pre orders based on date received (oldest orders first) and will bill to your preferred method. 

Any orders that are cancelled after the 2 month window will be subject to a cancellation fee of 15%. Declined orders with no response will also be subject to a 15% cancellation fee, and review of open account status. We reserve the right to cancel your wholesale account if no response is made within a 30 day period. We understand cards decline, and are willing to work with you, if you are reachable. 

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