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Birch: Barkcloth in the Wild!

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Hello Friends! Arleen here! Earlier this summer I took a family vacation to New York! We did A LOT of fun stuff, and taking an over night trip into NYC was surely a highlight! What other outfit do you sew then Jenny Overalls in a very punny Skimmerscape print? 


To start off the day we visited the TODAY show, where I fit in nicely with their orange. They were actually filming the news in there, right behind me! That day on the show was The Fab Five from Queer Eye and Bobby Flay (gasp!). 

Then right across the street I found 30Rock! Liz Lemon and Kenneth – where you at?!?!?! 

Now back to sewing – the Barkcloth was incredible for this journey. In the muggy heat and summer rain, I managed to still feel cool and comfortable despite all that fabric! The barkcloth creases well, so it is generally easy to sew with for newbies. Just make sure the leave a good size seam allowance and leave nothing unfinished! 

Hey, gang!  It’s Mary, coming in hot with a haute new poncho!  It’s Simplicity 6630, a vintage reproduction from the 70’s, and I am so, so thrilled by how it looks in Serengeti Spaghetti barkcloth. I really adore super versatile garments like this – throw it in the trunk of your car, and you’re set for so many different adventures!  What I really like about this garment is that the barkcloth is durable enough to make a great impromptu picnic or beach blanket.  This is a good times, let-the-adventures-begin piece, and I am stoked on it! 


If you’re feeling curious about using this fabric in your next addition to your closet, but unsure where to start, check out the post we did on sewing with Birch Barkcloth – there’s some good pointers to get you started!

We love our new Charley Harper Barkcloth garments!  They’re definitely going to make great transitional pieces for when (if?) fall ever gets to California and Birch HQ!  If you use it in your next project, make sure to tag us @birchfabrics, because we’re dying to see 🙂

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