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Birch Fabrics Thanks Their Flickr Family 

As we all approach Thanksgiving I think consciously and subconsciously we all start to think about our life and the people in our life for which we are THANKFUL, I know I am.  At Birch we started to think about all the wonderful people we are fortunate to connect with throughout the year with our fabrics.  We added the  Birch Fabrics Flickr group a while ago because we found it heartwarming to see the absolutely amazing creations that people craft with our fabric…and we wanted to share this with others.
We thought it would fun to showcase and celebrate our wonderful sewists and crafters so we have developed some Pinterest boards to share these super projects with everyone.  

Birch Fabrics Circa 50 Pinterest (link)
Birch Fabrics Storyboek (link)

(Sadly, we have more boards but Pinterest is having some technical difficulties…we will share more as soon as possible.)

You really can’t see the detail of these wonderful projects in this image so I encourage you to click on the link above to see everyone’s creativity.

In honor of being THANKFUL and expressing our appreciation to all that support our dream of building a contemporary organic fabric company, we are going to award a prize once a month to a project on our Flickr site.

This month we would like to acknowledge chel1974 and her amazing  quilt using our Marine by Dan Stiles collection.  The concept is fabulous, and the sewing details (a fin!) are amazing!  Thank you for sharing your creativity chel1974.  We will be sending you some fabric from our newest collection, Circa 52.  We can’t wait to see what you create next.

Post your projects on our Flickr site and you could be next months winner.  

Thank you again to all.


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