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Birch Fabrics Mod Basics Applique Onesie Tutorial

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Mod Basics Onesies Tutorial + Downloadable Animal PDF
A few people have asked us how we made the super cute Mod Basics Onesies we posted about earlier this week….so….we thought it would be fun to do a quick tutorial!
Step 1: First you draw your animals on the slick paper side of the HeatnBond or your favorite iron on adhesive (remember to draw your animals facing the opposite direction of the way you want them to appear on the onesie).
Here is downloadable PDF of the animal print outs we used on our onesies (LINK)
Step 2: Next you iron your fabric scrap pieces to the rough side of the HeatnBond.
Step 3: Then cut your animals out along your drawn lines.
Step 4: Take the paper off the back of the fabric and iron it on to the onesie with the sticky side down.
Step 5: Not shown here, but we recommend, sewing a zig zag stitch all the way around the applique so that when washed it doesn’t come off the onesie. Since ours were for a trade show we skipped this step:)

Step 6: Put onesie the closest baby and smile!

We used organic onesies from American Apparel, which interestingly enough the colors they offered matched perfectly to our Mod Basics!

American Apparel Organic Onesie in Natural

We bought the onesies in the following colors; cinder, pomegranate, galaxy and natural.

Mod Basics will be available January 2012.

xxx Cynthia

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