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Discovery Place Generations Quilt

Charley Harper Discovery Bay Generations Quilt

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Charley Harper Discovery Bay Generations Quilt

Discovery Place Generations Quilt

The Generations Quilt Pattern is a simple and surprisingly quick sew and truly a gift that keeps on giving! We’ve made up so many mock up versions using the building blocks of the two baby quilt tops pictured. There are so many variations, it’s tough to settle on only one! 

In our Charley Harper Discovery Place makeover, we’ve given some new love to a super fun and versatile pattern!

Charley Harper Discovery Place
Charley Harper Discovery Bay Generations Quilt

Here is a happy little outtake where my feet made their way into frame. 🙂

The Super Fun Version

This version has it all! It uses both color versions to make one super fun quilt! The finished quilt measures 60 x 75″. The baby version is just one quad, and measures 30 x 37.50″. Some of us want ALL the colors – but for those of us who want something a bit tamer, read on!

Read on for the Generations tutorial.

The Rainforest Color Version

In this version, we’ve taken the jewel tones and leafy greens and created a lush garden of hues. 

The Desert Color Version

Sandy yellows and rocky reds give way to the turquoise of a hot desert sky in this beautiful version. While these critters might not be found anywhere near the desert climate, the color palette sure gives us those feels!

Generations Tutorial

The cutting directions and fabric requirements will vary depending on a baby or throw size, and how many fabrics used. Before choosing fabric and cutting, read below:

Baby Quilt

The baby quilt requires only 10 prints and can be completed with a fat quarter of each. You will cut one 12.5″ square of each of the five prints, yielding (4 )HSTs (half square triangles) of each.

Throw Quilt

The throw size quilt can be completed with either 10 or 20 prints. To make the limited color palette of 10 prints/solids, you will need (4) 12.5″ squares of each fabric, which yields (16) HSTs. You will need 3/4 yd of each fabric.

For the more scrappy version, you will use need 3/8 yd of 20 prints/solids, and cut (2) 12.5″ squares for each, which will yield (8) HSTs of each. 

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