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Eagle Habitat FREE Quilt Pattern!

Ford Times Vol. 2 Kathys Eagle Quilt 02

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Ford Times Vol. 2 Kathys Eagle Quilt 02

Introducing a brand new original pattern!

Eagle Habitat is a new and fun quilt pattern that gives larger prints a place to shine! Whip this up with some half yards (plus some extra for the borders!) to make this instantly gratifying quilt! We love how this gives us some retro mid century modern feels with a sharp, bold and simplistic design! Find the Free Quilt Pattern Here!

In the version above, we used End Papers Basic Cast Iron as the background fabric. Pre order End Papers Basic here! Some colors are in stock now, and we are expecting a new shipment early spring!

Ford Times Vol. 2 Kathys Eagle Quilt 10

This version is a bit more primary and striking with bold black borders and punchy blues, oranges and green!

Charley Harper Ford Times Bird Vol. 2

We used our newest Charley Harper collection Ford Times Birds Vol. 2 to make both versions. We love these striking prints and the way Eagle Habitat lets each print shine! 

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