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Floor Pillow Tutorial – Featuring Pirouette!

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It has been cold and rainy in our neck of the woods these past few weeks, so it is the perfect time to catch up on home sewing! We have been loving all of the sweet floor poufs and pillows we see online, and wanted to create a special version featuring our newest collection – Pirouette. Whats even better? This pattern is Fat Quarter friendly! You can sew up two poufs with  1 Fat Quarter bundle of Pirouette and 3.5 yards of 44″ wide canvas! There is something so satisfying about supply requirements that are so well rounded, amiright?

SUPPLIES (for two floor pillows)

  • Fat Quarter Bundle of Pirouette
  • 1/2 yard of coordinating canvas for the bottom  (we used Shroom Solid Canvas)
  • 3 yards of 44″ wide canvas for lining, preferably light or cream colored as to not show through exterior fabric. (we used Cream Solid Canvas)
  • 16 x 16″ foam inserts. You will want to build a 16″ square, so if your foam is 4″ thick, you will need 4 panels, or if 2″ thick, you will need 8 panels.
  • Additional stuffing of your choice. We used a mix of bean bag stuffing and fiber fill. Fabric scraps also work great to add body and structure (and its recycled!)
  • Scissors, seam ripper, and zipper foot attachment

Seam allowance = 1/2″

WST = wrong sides together

RST = right sides together


  1. Cut down fat quarter pieces into 18″ squares. Each pillow will use 5.
  2. Cut half yard of bottom panel fabric in (2) 18″ squares
  3. Cut (12) 18″ squares of lining canvas

Baste stitch one exterior panel to one lining panel, WST, with a 3/8″ seam allowance. This will prevent the layers from shifting during assembly.


Use the images below for reference when installing your zipper.

 1. Take bottom panel and one side panel, RST, and baste stitch along one side. Press seam open.

2. Pin RS of zipper to WS of fabric along the basted seam

3. Using your zipper foot, sew 1/4 away from the center of the zipper on both sizes.

4. Using your seam ripper, gently cut along the basted stitch on the RS of the fabric for free your zipper.

Voila! A beautifully installed zipper!


  1. Take the side panel (with the zipper attached) and pin another side panel RST along the side seam which will run perpendicular to the zippered bottom seam.. Sew. Press seam open.

2. Add two more side panels in the manner above creating a row.

3.  Pin the raw edge of the first side panel (with zipper attached) to last panel, RST. Sew to create the 4 sides of your cube. Press seam open.


 1. To finish the bottom, you will pin the remaining 3 raw edges of your bottom panel to the corresponding raw edges of the side panel, RST. Sew along each side, pivoting when you get to each corner.

 2. Finish the top panel in the same manner, however make sure that your zipper is mostly unzipped so that you can pull through attaching the top panel.

Use the images below to see how to line up and pivot your corners.

Pull the fabric through the zipper, pushing out each corner to create your finished floor pillow cover. Now time to stuff!


First add about 2 inches of bean bag and fiber fill to the top of the pillow. Stuff your sections of foam into your pillow, one at a time. Fill in the sides and bottom with a mix of bean bag filling and fiber fill. Once your pillow is stuffed to your liking, zip it up and get cozy!

Share your makes online and please tag us! We love to see what you make! @birchfabrics #birchfabrics #pirouettefabric



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