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Handy Home Helper Apron – A Tutorial!

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Hello Birch Fam! Arleen here! I am not sure about you, but between keeping up outside, inside and everywhere in between, I could use a helping hand, or perhaps some deep pockets. While I am tending the chickens, picking up the house, or doing a little gardening, I have created for you a handy little apron using only fat quarters to be the helping hand, (or deep pockets!) you may need.


  • 2 Coordinating Fat Quarters for the apron body
  • 1 additional  fat quarter for the ties, however a skinny quarter yard will do the trick.
  • Optional trim for added cuteness

Preparing Your Ties

If  using a fat quarter to make your ties, you will want to cut your piece into 4 – 6 3″x 22″ strips. 4 pieces will yield a strap that is about 64″, and 6 pieces will be about 102″ sewn. You’ll want at least double your waste size to make a bow in the back. If using a skinny quarter, cut your fabric into 2-3 3″ x WOF strips. Sew all the strips together on the bias. Trim the excess and press.

Fold the long tie piece in half lengthwise and press. Open and fold the raw edges in toward the middle fold, press. Fold along the middle fold line and press, encasing the raw edges on the inside. 

Sewing Our Apron!

This step is very important if using directional fabrics! The fat quarter that will be the apron front and pocket lining will piece (A) and the second fat quarter that makes up the outside front pocket and Apron back will be piece (B). 

Take your apron piece (A) facing right side up, with the print positioned upside down. Layer the apron piece (B) on top, right sides together with the print facing right side up, or opposite the piece below. Sew along the top 22″ width using a 1/2″ seam allowance.


If adding trim, this would be the place to do so. I added some tiny pompoms to my sample, first by basting it to one side, and then sewing the two pieces together. It is best to use a zipper foot for this step.

Open the two pieces and fold the opposite way so that the wrong sides are now together. press and edge stitch  1/8″ from your seam. 

Open up your apron, so that the right side is facing up, and piece (A) is on the top, and piece (B) is on the bottom. 

In this step we will form the pocket by sandwiching it in between the pocket lining and the apron back. Bring up the pocket seam, overlapping piece (A) by 7″, but you can adjust the pocket height to your liking. Meet the bottom of (B) to the top of (A) so that right sides are facing, and the pocket is sandwiched between both pieces. Pin and sew along each side with a 1/2″ seam allowance. (Expand the images below to see the full instruction.)

Next, pull the whole apron through the top opening, and press. Here we will mark where we will divide the main pocket into a few smaller pockets. In the sample, I marked a line with tailors chalk approximately 6″ in from each side. Sew the pocket down being sure to back stitch at the top and bottom of the pocket. 

Attaching the Ties

I find the middle of my apron and my ties and mark this spot, and line them up on the table. I then mark the tie about 1/4″ to the outside of the side of my apron. 

Edge stitch your tie with a 1/8″ seam allowance, stopping at your first pin. Raise the needle and the presser foot, and reposition after the second pin. Finish edge stitching along the length of the tie. 

Insert the raw top edge of your apron into the open space of the tie, and sew closed matching the edge stitching along the rest of the tie. 

We are so close to wrapping this baby up my friends!


First try on your apron and see how you like the ties. Here you can trim them down to be just the right size, with a cute bow in the back. Finish the ends of the tie by folding over twice and sewing, or to fold the end into itself and sewing the opening shut.

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