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Introducing Birch Basics!

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We love simplicity, and our new Birch Basics are timeless classics already.  These fuss-free prints are perfect for dressing and wrapping up our modern babes in bright cheeriness.

Get your preorders for Birch Basics in quickly, so you are sure to reserve your goods! Case pack discounts are offered for poplin only.


As always, your credit card will be charges at the time of shipment. [Birch Basics](https://birchfabrics.com/fabric-collections/birch-basics/) is expected to ship in September.

You can view the [Birch Basics](https://birchfabrics.com/fabric-collections/birch-basics/) art boards [here](https://birchfabrics.com/wp-content/uploads/AB_BB_FINAL.pdf).

Please feel free to call or email with any questions.


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