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Introducing Miriam Bos | Birch Fabric’s Newest Designer

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Miriam Bos is a cheerful and energetic pattern designer & illustrator from the Netherlands who loves creating art that feels warm, joyful, and will bring a smile to your face.  Every design and illustration is made with lots of love and dedication.  Through her work as a children’s book illustrator Miriam discovered the world of surface pattern design.  Being intrigued with this market, she decided she wanted to expand her boundaries and explore this new world of art and possibilities.  Nourished and full of ideas, she started working on her own design collections in her studio.  Miriam enjoys drawing elements of nature such as flowers, birds and whimsical shapes.  Miriam specializes in both traditional and digital techniques, which adds variety to her style.
Make sure to check out Wildland in quilt-weight poplin and knit.
More substrates coming soon!
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