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New Charley Harper Collections! Summer & Fall 2023

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Hello fellow fabric fans! 


We’ve been hard at work to bring you some of our all time favorite prints, and more of that incredible new basic y’all seem love so much, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are about our Summer & Fall Charley Harper collections! 

You can find all collections available to pre order on our Coming Soon page.

Over the period of late-1948 through mid-1982, Charley Harper contributed hundreds of illustrations to the Ford Times magazine, produced by the Ford Motor Company. Ford Times magazine was sent by dealers to their patrons, free of charge, on a monthly basis. We chose our favorite bird prints to compile into two unique collections. Volume 1 ships June 2023, and Volume 2 ships September 2023.


Quilt Projects

As we mentioned above, we pulled out all the stops and created two volumes of our favorite birds from Charley Harper’s Ford Times illustrations. Introducing Volume 2, shipping September 2023.

Quilt Project

This quilt is quite the illusion! We love the way the colors and prints play on this Reflections Quilt mock up by Everyday Stitches.

End Papers is the wonderful compilation of illustrated animals found in Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom book – on the end papers at the beginning and end covers – hence the name! A long time dreamed of ours, we first released this print in a few colors along with Best of Charley Harper Volumes 2 and 3. You loved it so much, we are so happy to bring you a beautifully curated collection of tonal coordinates to match your favorite Charley Harper prints! End Papers ships August 2023


Quilt Project

This quilt and colors gives me such great Pendleton feels! We used all colors of End Papers, along with Ice Pink, Orange, Jungle Green, and Dusk as the background. Pattern is Kings Dash by Satterwhite Quilts.

And last, but certainly not least, a different kind of poster print is on it's way!

Discovery Place Museum is a science, nature and technology museum located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They commissioned Charley to create the poster, which was released in 1982. Fourteen all new poplin and two barkcloth prints created from the poster are sure to spark your creativity and inspire! 


Discovery Place includes 


Quilt Project

Sometimes the simplest of quilts are so impactful! I love how this hot and cool Generations Quilt plays with our Mod Solid Poplins. 

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