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Sew A Plushy Pet Toy with Sherpa!

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Hello Crafty Friends!

I recently confiscated one of my pup’s blown out toys. It was past the point of repair, however the squeaker inside remained intact! It was ready to be inserted in a new plushy, made with love! 


This list is a bit loose, most items can be substituted for whatever you have around the house. This is what I used: 


  • Half yard or scrap of Sherpa fabric. Fleece, poplin, or canvas would also work great! Stay away from looser weave cloth, such as linen and gauze, as it will not hold up as well.
  • Squeaker. I recycled one from a destroyed toy. If you do not have one handy, purchase a pack of replacement squeakers or try using wax or parchment paper to make a crinkle toy, Pets also love that sound/sensation!
  • Stuffing! I used a combination of fiber fill and fabric scraps. I wrapped my squeak in scraps to help prevent puncture.
  • Coordinating thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors or a rotary blade/mat for cutting.
  • This template for cutting, or a self drafted shape.

To make the bone shape, follow the steps above or print out this template. Template includes two sizes for large and small toys. For my template, I made a half bone and cut along the fold. 


Cut out a front and back piece. Mirror your two cut pieces right sides together, and pin in place.


As sherpa is a knitted fabric I suggest using a ball point needle and a slight zigzag stitch to help prevent the seams from breaking as the fabric stretches. 


Starting at one end of the straight sides, back stitch, then stitch all the way around the bone shape using a 5/8″ seam allowance, pivoting at the corners and curves as needed. Stop sewing when you get to the straight side you started on, leaving about a 2″ gap. Back stitch.

Clip your curves and point being careful not to cut through your stitched line. I would make sure your clip stops at least 1/8″ away the seam. Turn your bone right side out.


Stuff your plushy with fiber fill and/or fabric scraps. I used a mixture of both to give a little weight and bite texture. I also threw in a little plastic gift bag for crinkle. Again, I wrapped my squeak with a layer of fabric to help protect it from puncture. 


Once your plushy is stuffed to your liking, securely sew up the opening in a stitch of your choice.

Ta-Da! Your doggo will be so happy to play with their new toy!


Be sure to supervise your pets when they play with their toys, and discard once the outside becomes incapable of holding the stuffing or be repaired. Then make a new one! 

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