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Tutorial | Frolic Floor Pillow | by Plum and June

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Hello, our dear Birch blog readers!  Today we are bringing you this amazing quilted pillow tutorial from Beth of Plum and June, featuring the soon upcoming Frolic collection by Rebekah Ginda.
The simplicity of this pattern really makes it a great choice for a girl or boy’s room.  Who could resist cuddling with a sweet pillow like this?!
My 2 year old daughter has a reading corner in her bedroom which is basically just a few large pillows on the floor next to her bookcase.  I’ve been thinking about adding another pillow or two to that corner and when I saw the colors of the new Frolic fabric collection, I knew these would be the fabrics to use.
The pillow finishes at 25″ square but you can easily adjust the finished size by varying the size of the final border. 
• 1 5″ fussy cut for the center 
• 8 5″ squares of background fabric
• 4 5″ squares of a print (for the stars)
• 2 strips of print fabric for the first border measuring 2″ x WOF, sub-cut to 2 strips 2″ x 14.5″ and 2 strips 2″ x 17.5. 
• 3 strips of solid fabric for the final border measuring 6″ x WOF, sub-cut to strips measuring 3″ x 17.5″, • 3 x 20″, 6″ x 20″, and 6″ x 25.5″
• 27″ square piece of batting
• 28″ square piece of backing (note: this will be the inside of the pillow and it is not visible once the pillow is finished)
• 25.5″ x 36″ piece of Birch Organic Cotton Fleece (or other fabric for the back of the pillow), sub-cut to 2 pieces each 25.5″ x 18″.
* optional: 2 strips of accent fabric measuring 3″ x 25.5″ for binding the fabric used for the back of the pillow.
*note: I added 1/2″ to each of the strip measurements which you’ll trim after sewing the strips to the center.
To make the star block:
1. Cut the print squares in half on the diagonal.
2. Place one of print triangles on the background square right sides together as shown below. Make sure that the triangle points extend past the background fabric.
3. Trim the background square as shown below.
4. Flip and press the print fabric.
5. Repeat with the second triangle. 
6. Trim the block so that it is 5″ square.
7. Make 3 more of these blocks. Sew one of these blocks to either side of the fussy cut square.
8. Sew one 5″ square of background fabric to either side of the remaining blocks.
9.  Sew the rows together to complete the block and trim to 14″.
10. Sew a 2″ x 14.5″ strip to either side of the star block. Press and trim to 14″ x 17″ 
11. Sew a 2″ x 17.5″ strip to the top and bottom. Press and trim to 17″ square. 
12. Sew the remaining strips to the center “log cabin style.” Start by sewing the 3″ x 17.5″ strip to the bottom and trim. Then sew the 3″ x 20″ to the right side and trim. Next sew the 6″ x 20″ to the top and trim. And finally, sew the 6″ x 25.5″ to the left side and trim.
Note: I was using a 26″ pillow insert so I wanted my pillow to finish at 25″. If your pillow is smaller or larger, just adjust the size of the final border. If you want your star to be off-center as mine is, just cut your bottom and right side strips one half of the width of the top and left side strip. 
13. Make a quilt sandwich with the quilt top, the batting, and the backing. 
14. Quilt and trim to 25″ square. 
15. Prepare the fabric for the back of the pillow. Since I was using cotton fleece for the backing, I chose to finish the edges by adding single fold binding. To do so, press the 3″ x 25.5″ strip in half long sides together. Unfold and press each of the ends in towards the center. And then press in half again long sides together.
16. Sew the binding to a 25.5″ edge of each of the pillow back panels.

17. Place one pillow back panel right side up on your table with the binding on the bottom. Place the other panel on top of that (also right side up) with the binding side on the top. The two panels should overlap each other so when measured from top to bottom, it is 25.5″.  I like having a large area of overlap with the two panels but this is just my preference – you can use smaller panels.  
18. Place the pillow top right side down on top of the panels. (Note: You will have a 1/4″ overlap of the pillow back fabric on all sides – you can trim this before or after sewing the top and bottom together. If you trim after, make sure that you sew with the pillow top as your guide.) I used binding clips and secured all four sides. Sew around all 4 sides using 1/4″ (or 1/2″ seam). Clip the corners, turn right side out, and you are done! 

And just one last note: I would say that this is truly a reversible pillow with the luxurious soft and cozy fleece for the pillow back. I also like how using the fleece gives the back some structure. I’d actually like to back all of my pillows in this fabric!

Thank you for sharing Beth!  We hope this tutorial will inspire you to make your own!
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