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Welcome Kristen Balouch!

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We are so proud to welcome Brooklyn based children’s book author and illustrator, Kristen Balouch, of Little Blue Mushroom. We were immediately fans of her sweet characters who outshine their quirky imperfections, which after all, are the reason we love them so much!
Make sure to come see Folkland at Quilt Market next weekend! We are in booth #334. Or for those of you staying home, mark your calendars to order online when we release the full images on our website on Thursday 5/18!!
Kristen wants a world where everyone belongs. She draws it everyday with color, pattern and texture; inspired by nature, diversity and kindness. She writes and illustrates books for children and designs just about everything she touches… things like houses, dishes, quilts, kitchens, gardens, fabric, baby clothes, grown up clothes, shoes and even kitchen sinks. Maybe she is making that world piece by piece. She hopes the pieces that make it to you feel like home.



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