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Tonoshi is Here!

Tonoshi is a playful new collection from JayCyn Designs, featuring the largest of mammals: whales and elephants! A whimsical, yet sophisticated color pallet and flecks of metallic gold on improved new poplin cloth and interlock knit (now 58"!) giving you endless sewing possibilities.



Pirouette by Arleen Hillyer

Take off to land of gum drops and sugar plums, dancing kitties and waltzing flowers. Learn to Pirouette and practice your plié. Take part in this timeless tradition and make each act your very own. Pirouette is inspired by ballet through the decades as well as designer Arleen Hillyer’s own accounts of a decade and a half of ballet class.

Find the Plié Quilt Pattern by Brett Lewis and Arleen Hillyer here!

Dark Plum Solid Poplin
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