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Rural Backyard Quilt + Free Pattern!

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Well known for his beautiful minimalist yet modern bird designs, Charley Harper’s animal designs have become profoundly popular in the mid century modern decor in houses all around the world! The Rural Backyard Quilt is inspired by the nature found in our own backyard, sewn up in a Mid Century styled lattice design.

Get the pattern here!

Take a look at that backing! We used Large Architects from our Bird Architects collection which paired perfectly. You can find in here!

Creating this quilt certainly was a lot of fun – and we had some great help! Our friend Brett Lewis (You may know him on Instagram as @naturalbornquilter) was kind enough to take on this big project (it’s a queen size y’all!), with enlisted help from hubby Jonathan Hamill, our quilt dreams were about to take off!

After the quilt began to take form, the next step is quilting! Brett suggested his friend (and quilter extraodinaire!) Courtney Whitehead for the job. We were blown away by her details. Can you believe she has only been quilting for about a year? *Mind blown*! You can find more of her work on Instagram @courellewhite.

Super cool to be able to meet IRL at Quilt Market!

Pictured from left: Courtney, Arleen, Brett.

How about this bedroom set up? We’ll take it! Notice the bottom corner where Brett leaves his signature and all the details. Perhaps we should take a cue from him… *Thinking about all the unlabelled quilts we’ve gifted*

We can’t wait to see what you make! I can picture this pattern in so many combinations of colors and themes – it’s  a great way to showcase your favorite prints!

Brett and Jonathan enjoying their quilt!

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